Pepperberries on the plant and freeze-dried pepperberries
These freeze-dried pepperberries are best used crushed, ground in a mortar & pestle or used whole as a garnish.  They are generally too large to use in a peppermill.
Our Pepper-Shop has retail packs of:
 20 g (0.70 oz) glass jars,
 40 g (1.4 oz) zip-lock kraft pouches, and
 150 g (5.3 oz)  zip-lock standup "caterer's packs". 
We also provide bulk quantities and services for wholesalers, distributors and retailers, including repackaging and custom pack sizes.
To enquire about bulk amounts or distribution/supply agreements, simply email us
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As close as you can get to the fresh berries out of season.  Our sweet and spicy "WILD" pepperberries are freeze-dried to maintain the full flavour profile of our "DEVIL" peppers. 

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