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Recipe BwF #1:  Bruschetta with Bronzewing Farm Tasmanian DEVIL Mountain Pepper

You need:
  2 medium tomatoes, 1 small onion, a few sprigs of fresh basil, a few grinds of Tasmanian DEVIL Mountain Peppercorns, a splash of balsamic vinegar and a dripping of virgin olive oil.  Thickly cut fresh bread for toasting.

Preparation:  Dice the tomatoes (with skins on) and place in a mixing bowl (if the tomatoes are really ripe they will add juice to the mix).  Finely dice the peeled onion and the basil, then add to the tomatoes.  Add three or four medium 'grinds' of the Mountain Peppercorns to the mix (note that TasmanianDEVIL Mountain Peppercorns are 'hot' and so you may want to experiment with this a little, or use our Tasmanian MILD Mountain Peppercorns).  Add the balsamic and the olive oil.  Note that what you are trying to achieve here is a 'sloppy' mixture (but not a 'soup'), and the olive oil is the key which holds all the ingredients together (the balsamic just adds some flavour and colour).  Depending on the size of the tomatoes, this mix should generously cover 2-3 slices of toast.  Toast the bread and cut each slice into two and then spoon on the bruschetta mix.  Just perfect with a glass of Tasmanian Pinot Gris from
Ghost Rock Vineyard.
Bridget Petracek from Illinois, USA, has been creating really exciting tastes using Bronzewing Farm Tasmanian DEVIL Mountain Pepper (she has let us use her recipes here; note all recipes are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format; click on the links below to download or open each recipe):
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