Pepperberries and peppercorns
Male flowers:
Female flowers:
Production.  Bronzewing Farm Tasmanian Mountain Peppers are hand-harvested from the farm between March and May every year.
The fresh pepperberries are graded to remove twigs and leaves but we typically leave the berry stems on those fruits where they haven't fallen off during harvest.  We do this, because they add an 'authentic' look to our "Devil" peppercorns.  Also the stems are just a 'hot' as the berries.
The fresh pepperberries are then dried at 37-40 degrees Celsius for 50 hours in order to produce dried peppercorns suitable for your pepper grinder.
tasmanian_mountain_peppers_2018v1011006.jpg New plantation of Tasmanian Mountain Peppers Tasmanian Devil Mountain Peppers
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The peppercorns have a typical dry weight of only 1/4 of their fresh weight.
Following drying, the peppercorns are packaged in glass containers which have a net weight of 50 g (1.75 oz)
Zip-lock caterer's packs of 100 g (3.5 oz)
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