Tasmanian Blackwood Mills and Tasmanian Huon Pine Mills are also available. For more information on these timbers and to see their beautiful simplicity, click the link to our Pepper-Shop.
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What better way to showcase your Bronzewing Farm Tasmanian Mountain Pepper than to use a mill made from specialty Tasmanian timbers.
Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras (Antherosperma moschatum) can grow to 40 metres high with a width of 1 metre.  Tasmanian sassafras is very different from North American and East Asian Sassafras species, but they share a magical aroma.  The characteristic 'blackheart' streaks are due to a fungus infection that stains the wood.  More information on Tasmanian sassafras can be found here.
Our Tasmanian sassafras mills are made by Chris Jackson of Wooden Magic, and have ceramic grinders.
Now you can have a unique grinder for your unique pepper. 
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