Tasmanian Mountain Pepper trees growing on Bronzewing Farm
Male flowers:
Female flowers:
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Health & Nutrition
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Cuttings from select cultivars are made in May-June and they undergo two growth spurts in our greenhouses.  They are usually ready for planting after 18 months. 
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Tasmanian Mountain Pepper cuttings in the propagation greenhouse Tasmanian Mountain Pepper trees growing on Bronzewing Farm
Cultivation and Agronomy.  Bronzewing Farm grows select cultivars of Tasmanian Mountain Pepper (Tasmannia lanceolata). 
Most Tasmanian Mountain Pepper is taken from the Tasmanian bush and consequently there is only a little information on the cultivation of the peppers (eg. Ryder, M., Latham, Y. & Hawke, B. 2008. Cultivation and Harvest Quality of Native Food Crops, RIRDC Publication No 08/019).
Weed matting and bird netting are essential
Cultivation takes time, time, and more time.  The plants are very slow growing...  At full production we will have 5,000 females bushes producing around 7,500 kg of pepperberries.
We have found the following things essential:  Drip irrigation, the correct pH and nutrient regime, weed matting and bird netting prior to harvest time.  Our planting layout maximises sun exposure to each plant, and we plant at a ratio of 10 females:1 male.
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